Metallisation Equipment Protecting Fishing Boats



Metallisation’s thermal spraying equipmenthas been protecting a diverse range of surfaces, structures and vessels for over ninety years and continues to be the chosen solution for many industry sectors.

A recent project has yet again proven the longevity of thermal sprayed surfaces.帕克尔海洋工程,位于惠特比(Whitby)的,最近已将热喷涂的锌涂层应用于新的白鱼拖网渔船,即弹性LK195,以保护其免受腐蚀。在弹性涂层的同时,26m单钻的白鱼拖网渔船Guardian Angell LK272回到了惠特比船厂进行翻新。

Zinc coating effectiveness

锌涂层过程的有效性可以清楚地看到守护天使的后部,那里的拖网门被带回。尽管有严重的油漆损坏,但强大的热喷涂锌碱层显然仍然存在,并继续保护船体免受生锈的侵害。帕克尔海洋公司(Parkol Marine)成立于1988年,提供了多种海洋工程服务,并使用了金属化设备和消耗品多年。从新的建筑到修理和翻新,其声誉已建立在质量上。



帕克选择了金属化ARC150系统and a 20 metre supplies pack, which makes the system very flexible, enabling the engineer to move easily around the boat and gain access to all spray areas.

Metallisation also supplied an extension trolley that included another 20m supplies pack, this ensures the energiser can be kept well away from the spray area. Due to the nature of the project, Parkol engineers used MIG reels to spray from, as they are much easier to move around and load compared to drums. In the last twelve months they have sprayed over one tonne of zinc on to trawlers of all shapes and sizes Prior to zinc coating and painting of trawlers, the surface is grit blasted to SA2.5 cleanliness and a profile of around 75 microns.

Within four hours the zinc coating is then applied which instantly cures. Finally, the zinc is then sealed and finished with several coats of marine grade paint. The Metallisation ARC150 arcspray system has been designed for high throughput coatings.

At 500A. It can apply up to 52kg/hour of zinc or 12kg/hour of aluminium. This high capacity, combined with the flexibility of the system makes it ideal for coating large areas such as boat hulls, offshore oil platforms and other large steel fabrications.

The arcspray process

The spray rate and pistol are easy to control, also making it suitable for spraying more intricate areas like deck rails and hardware. The coating finish is very fine, which creates an ideal base for the final paint top coats. In the Arcspray process, two electrically charged wires are driven and guided so that they converge at a point and form an arc. An air nozzle atomises the molten metal produced from the wire and projects it towards the work piece using high pressure air. This spray solidifies when it hits the surface of the work piece to form a dense coating, which protects against corrosion. The driving of the wires is typically either by air motor or electric motor and gearbox arrangement.

A word from Stuart Milton

金属化销售总监Stuart Milton说:“我们知道,使用锌进行热喷涂是对船和拖网渔船的绝佳抗腐蚀解决方案,很高兴看到现实中的成功。很高兴与Parkol Marine合作,并看到我们的涂料在降低维护成本和提高英国钓鱼舰队的生产率方面具有真正的影响。”

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